Is 5 days of Hands on workshops enough?

Of course not!

On November 11, Class, Where the Masters Teach brings Courtney Dailey, Beau Nelson, Roshar, Jessie Powers, Brett Dorrian and Linh Nguyen together for an incredible day of intensive training that will go in depth on topics every artist needs to master in order to have a successful career in makeup. We have carefully curated these sessions so that you can get up close and personal with these artists who have mastered these topics.


9:00am ‐ 12:30pm – Jessie Powers – Edge of Editorial
9:00am ‐ 12:30pm – Brett Dorrian ‐ The Refinery Program
12:30pm ‐ 3:30pm – Roshar & Linh – Developing Editorial Concepts
12:30pm ‐ 3:30pm – Courtney Dailey ‐ Go to the Light
3:30pm ‐ 6:00pm – Beau Nelson – Fashion Infused Makeup
3:30pm ‐ 6:00pm – Jessie Powers – Artistic Makeup Design

From lighting to business, to editorial and body paint, each master will share all of their secrets so that you can gain another level of knowledge on key points that effect all artists. This additional opportunity allows you to choose up to 3 workshops over the course of the day. Classes are limited and once they are full, we can’t add anymore. Be sure to choose your electives now so you can ensure a seat. These dynamic & informative classes will surely open your eyes to other parts of our industry that will give you the edge in your market.

1 Elective $375
2 Electives $425
3 Electives $450

Rules for Electives:

  • You must be a registered attendee of CLASS 2017 to sign up for Electives
  • Choose up to 3 classes
  • If you choose only one or two Electives now, you won’t get a price break should you choose to add later
  • Once Electives are chosen and paid for, the elective is considered confirmed and no cancellations or refunds are allowed
  • Once you make your choice(s), no changes can be made so choose carefully
  • No audio or video taping allowed in any Elective
  • Elective fees can not be transferred to any Class balance owed (if you are on a payment plan).