Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is Class only seminars and lectures?

A – ‘Class – Where the Masters Teach‘ is a first of its kind beauty conference dedicated to all hands on following demonstrations from the top requested professional and celebrity makeup artists around the world. Each class is showing specific techniques that you can practice immediately following the last demonstration. We will also feature business classes that may or may not have a hands on feature.

Q – I don’t think I need the hands on, can I just watch the seminars?

A – We have put together the most requested type of event, all hands on for every attendee. We want everyone to have the opportunity to have hands on and if you are at the point in your career that you don’t think you need the hands on, our event is may not be for you. Every artist must continue to practice their craft in order to grow, this is the entire point of our event. Please be open to fully participating before committing. 

Q – Do you offer payment plans & how are they set up?

A – Yes and its so easy! All you do is ‘Save your seat’ on the registration page. If you need that amount broken up into two parts, we can arrange that for you, but please email us for specific details. To make additional payments, simply email us for an invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: All monies must be collected prior to Class start date. Email us if you have questions.

Q – Once I make my initial deposit, when is the balance due?

A – All balances are due by September 1, 2019, no exceptions.

Q – I want to only attend one specific day of the Class event, is this an option?

A – We have designed this event to offer the best possible hands-on education with the most requested Masters artists on the planet. You don’t have to pick & choose one class over another, we are giving every class to every artist. We want everyone to have the most amazing experience and ask for the 5-day commitment so it’s fair to everyone else attending. We aren’t offering 1-day attendance at this time. Please contact us if you have questions.

Q – Is hotel included in the price of Class?

A – Hotel is not included, however we usually have a large room block with deeply discounted rates so check back often. Click on the VENUE link for details

Q – Can I stay at different hotel instead of the host hotel?

A – We chose this location because of the generous room block pricing for the week. While our preference is that you stay on property (to avoid traffic, parking or other things that could make you late), it is up to you. Those who choose to stay at one of our properties will enjoy a bonus!

Q – Is food included in the price of Class?

A – A gourmet lunch and lots of snacks are all provided throughout the day. We do accommodate all dietary restrictions and will make sure you have coffee, tea and water when you need it.

Q – How long do attendees have to practice hands on after the Masters teach?

A – Artists will have over 15 hours of hands-on practice through out the 5-day experience. The Masters will be available to critique, give advice and help you so you can get it!

Q – If I recommend a colleague who is a professional makeup artist to attend, do I receive a discount on the price of Class?

A – We have an awesome Extra Credit program that will reward you! CLICK HERE for details.

Q – Will we be able to interact with the Masters?

A – Yes! Every Master will be available for Q&A, photos and most will be available to give you critique and advice. It’s important to us that you use this time to network with the Masters in addition to all of the artists attending.

Q – If I purchase a ticket and am unable to attend, is the price I have paid refundable?

A – All deposits and tickets are non-refundable or transferable. Please contact us if you have questions.

Q – Do I need to bring my kit to Class?

A – Yes, please CLICK HERE for a recommended kit list.

Q – Do I need to provide my own model for Class?

A – No, all attendees will work on each other. We are giving you technical skills that will work in the real world and we want you to practice on every scenario possible. You will have a different face to work on every day.

Q – Can I share a room with another artist to save on costs of accommodation?

A – Yes! If you would like to share a room, please CLICK HERE. This link will take you to our Facebook page where you can interact with other attendees and find someone to share a room with. *Please note you will not be added to the page until you have made your deposit or paid in full.

Q – Will there be vendors and products available at Class?

A – Yes we will have very select boutique vendors showing the latest products available for purchase as well as a few surprises.

Q – What are Electives?

A – On Friday November 8 we are offering multiple workshops that will allow an in-depth focus on a multitude of topics. Electives are an additional cost and can be booked after you make your initial deposit or pay in full for your Class ticket. Check back to see the line up of educators and rates.

Q – What if I book Electives before I pay off my balance due? Can any monies I pay for Electives be diverted to my final balance if I choose to cancel my electives?

A – No monies taken for electives can be put toward your grand total for your ticket. If you pay for any electives and choose not to come, you will not be refunded any amount and any amount paid can not be transferred to any other balance for any reason.

Q – Is there hands on during Electives?

A – If you choose to do hands on, then you may participate, but it’s not mandatory. Business classes and body paint will not have full hands on. If you have specific questions, please shoot us an email.