MACro SHOTS Scholarship

MAC Cosmetics Class Scholarship

MACro shots! Show us your best macro shot, using MAC product for consideration. This can be a shot from your portfolio or something new, as long as MAC was the primary product.

Winner receives one entry ticket to Class 2019, November 3-7, 2019 and a 6 night stay at one of our contracted hotels (Sentinel, Hotel Lucia or Hotel Deluxe. Single room occupancy, and tax, NO INCIDENTALS included. Transportation to Portland Oregon not included). Food, airport transfers or baggage not included. This prize can not be exchanged or transferred and has no cash value. No roommate shares.

MUST Submit final image by SEPTEMBER 10th
Email with your entry & info by the deadline and the winner will be announced September 15 via email and our Instagram @imgoingtoclass


1)  Send image to this email:
Image must be at least 72dpi, PNG or JPEG
When submitting by email you must include the following information or your image will not be considered:

How many years in the industry?
Products list used, details details!
Your final image as described in scholarship instructions

2)  Post the image on your Instagram with these tags:
#maccosmetics #imgoingtoclass, @imgoingtoclass, @ericacarr, @maccosmetics, #macproandclass #MACroPRO

3)  You must follow Class & MAC on Instagram:  @maccosmetics  @imgoingtoclass


• No watermarks on the image and be sure you have rights to submit as this will be posted online and if you win, on the Class Instagram account.

• Be mindful of editing as images with excessive altering will not be accepted.

• If you have saved your seat and win, your save seat fee will not be returned to you.

• Your save seat may NOT be transferred to someone else if you win.

• Over edited images will not be considered

• All winners must have public Instagram pages. Private pages will not be considered.

• Every rule must be followed exactly or your submission will not be considered.

• If you miss something on the original submission, you may not send a separate email to add it later, you will have to submit again.

• Do not contact Class or asking if you are the winner, we will contact you.

• If you are the winner and are not able to attend, your ticket is NOT transferable to anyone else or future classes.

• This prize has zero cash dollar value.

• Winners must be prepared to show proper ID in order to gain entry to event (Driver License or Passport ONLY)