Staff 2018



Welcome our Staff! Did you know that almost everyone here is a makeup artist too? These are the people who will be in each classroom with you, and present in every hands-on portion of the day. They will welcome you on the first morning with all of your materials, and will be in the hallways between classes. Please introduce yourself and take advantage of their wealth of experience, because they’re here for you! They’ve all been chosen for their practical industry experience AND they all love to teach/help in any way you need to make your experience the best it can be.

Andrea Mahoney
Andrea Mahoney, Operations Manager

My name is Andrea Mahoney and I live right outside St. Louis, Missouri. This year will be my third CLASS working as Director of Operations for Erica Carr. My goal each year is…

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Kali Lorenzo
Kali Lorenzo, Director of Artist Relations

Kali Lorenzo, a native to San Jose, CA started her career in 2010. Her love of art and design took shape quickly as her natural talent was being showcased for…

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Chantee Willis
Chantee Willis, Director of Brand Relations

Chantee Willis is an extensively trained Makeup Artist, based in the DFW metroplex….

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Davisha Dadone
Davisha Dadone, Makeup Artist

Born in Manhattan, Davisha discovered makeup as a medium with which she could make an exciting career on her own, she made a name for herself in NYC doing makeup for music videos like…

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Jaleesa Jaikaran
Jaleesa Jaikaran, Makeup Artist

Jaleesa Jaikaran is a Trinidadian makeup artist based in New York City. She primarily works in the fashion and commercial industry. Her work has been featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan,…

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Frances Fraser
Frances Fraser, Makeup Artist

Frances Fraser is an aspiring Pro Artist with five years in the beauty industry. She is a Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist and currently works part time in the retail side of the industry as a…

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Kami Tafoya
Kami Tafoya, Makeup Artist

Arizona native Kami Tafoya is an accomplished make-up industry veteran and owner of A-List Artistry. She is presently signed with top talent management company Agency Arizona. As a signed…

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Marisa Ross
Marisa Ross, Makeup Artist

New York City based makeup artist Marisa Ross brings over 7 years professional artistry experience focusing mainly on bridal and special occasion makeup. Marisa thrives on giving her client’s skin…

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Diligence, personality and talent are essential parts of the equation that sums up the progression of Michela Wariebi’s career as a makeup artist and educator. Michela began her career in…

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Carrie Aldous, Makeup Artist
Carrie Aldous, Makeup Artist

Known as Napa Valley’s premier luxury wedding stylist, Carrie Aldous has been providing on-location beauty services since 2009. Committed to offering the absolute best services in her market, she has…

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Nini Jenkins
Nini Jenkins, Makeup Artist

Nini Jenkins is a professional makeup artist serving Chicago-area corporate and personal clients. Whether she’s working on TV commercials, print shoots, videos or special events, Nini…

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Christi Reynolds
Christi Reynolds, Makeup Artist

Christi Reynolds is an independent Makeup Artist, Beauty Stylist, and Bridal Specialist. Her 20 year beauty career is backed by an extensive education, and her business management experience…

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Desiree Falcon
Desiree Falcon, Makeup Artist

Desiree Falcon is a skilled makeup artist and M.U.D. graduate, and she is also a California licensed esthetician. As a Los Angeles native, Desiree has worked on various projects from L.A. to…

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Christy Lavallee, Makeup Artist
Christy Lavallee, Makeup Artist

Christy’s career in makeup started in 1997 working in retail as a business manager for Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder, while also starting her part-time freelance artistry business. By 2009, her independent freelance business had
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Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia, DJ K-BUENO

From his early childhood in San Francisco, Kevin “K-Bueno” Garcia has always been influenced by many forms of music. Growing up listening to his father’s vinyl collection, which included the likes of…
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