NOVEMBER 3-7, 2019

Melissa Street and MYO Cosmetic Cases

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Get Your *#it - a'hem KIT Together with Melissa Street and MYO Cosmetic Cases!

Tuesday November 5, 2019

Her LIVE social media kit organizations are a massive hit and have helped thousands of artists become better at what they do. Melissa Street is one of THE busiest working makeup artists in the business. Her jobs require her to have so much variety in a kit, so how does she do it?

Stop stressing about what is in your kit or NOT in your kit! No more breaking your back to cram everything in, that lets face it, you don't need! The QUEEN of minimizing, de-potting and smart kit carrying is offering the FIRST and only class for #imgoingtoclass that is all about YOUR KIT.

Her super informative elective will focus on systematic working and developing ways of packing and setting up your kits in order to be more efficient, sanitary and faster. Sponsored by MYO cosmetics, you will be amazed at how fast she sets up, breaks down and keeps everything organized.

If you do bridal to editorial, runway to film/tv, she has got you covered!

You will leave better, stronger and faster! You will have the chance to re-organize your kit and see why her methods work!

*Bonus Topic - She will share her secrets about the necessity of building a smaller kit for 1 or 2 female or male clients. In addition, downsizing and spending money more thoughtfully instead of rushing out to buy because you have seen another artist on social media’s makeup kit. She will give other shopping tips/tricks and of course have time for generous Q&A throughout.

MYO Cosmetics owner and Class 2019 Vendor Suzanne Carter will be there to answer any questions about the functionality of her line and Melissa will share why she uses so much MYO in her kit - its the best!

Limited seating

Participants must be Class 2019 paid attendees

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